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Daytona Speedway Gameplay in Gran Turismo 7

Daytona Speedway Gameplay: As the release of Gran Turismo 7 is getting closer and closer, the team from Sony and Polyphony Digital is beginning to reveal new footage of gameplay.

 The latest footage of Gran Turismo 7 showcases some GT-Class cars racing around the famous Daytona International Speedway.

A brand new video posted on YouTube’s PlayStation YouTube channel showcased various new Gran Turismo 7 gameplay designs at the Daytona International Speedway.

 The video showed the racing environment and the track of the infield road course. Which comprises areas that comprise the oval race that is popular for hosting NASCAR events.

As well as the track infield, which is where the Rolex 24-Hour Endurance race hold. 

The gameplay footage recorded on the PS5 comprises two laps of the track. However, technically, it’s the same lap but from different perspectives.

The first laps are all inside-car racing. After that, the fans treated to images and sounds of the experience on the track in the evening hours.

 The footage inside the car offers stunning images and information about the vehicle’s inside. 

The rearview camera and steering wheel Telemetry stand out the most because the changes to these top-of-the-line sports cars do not compare to what the fans can expect to see whether they are following the actual racing events or not.

 The most noticeable things that you can hear from the initial laps in the car. Those are the sounds from the vehicle slipping through gears.

The shakes and rumbles result from hitting curbs on some corners. As well as the noise of the tires squealing when they reach the limits of the chicane in the back.

This second run is a repeat of the first one. That showcases the wide range of camera angles surrounding the track.

 The late afternoon lighting is on full display because of the shadow effects of the car. In focus and the entire track threw on the nearby barriers. 

The sun’s glare shining off cars at certain corners is similar to what viewers see. When watching the race in this particular moment in actual life. 

Several camera photos show us the primary car, the Porsche 911 RSR, and the GTLM-class vehicles that it drives through during the lap.

The decision to utilize footage from Daytona Road Course is likely to be a deliberate one.

 The track is returning after an uncharacteristic absence from GT Sport and keeps the commitment to host the mix of both natural and fictional Gran Turismo tracks. 

This Rolex 24-Hour endurance Race will also hold towards the close of the month. The cars featured in the video will be a substantial proportion of the vehicles. That will compete at one of Endurance Racing world’s “Crown Jewel” events. 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise if some promotional campaign for Gran Turismo 7 appears in the months preceding the race.

Gran Turismo 7 will be available for purchase on March 4th, on PS4 and the PS4, as well as the PS5.


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