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Dead By Daylight (DBD) – Best Survivor Builds

Dead By Daylight: Finding the top Survivor builds available in Dead by Daylight (DBD) is helpful.

 Since Portrait of the Murderer, the most recent chapter in the game, is about to be released, you can anticipate new survivors joining DBD. 

With 100 of these survival benefits already on the table, choosing the right one can be pretty tricky. 

If you’re among people looking for the right choice for you, let us get taken care of by providing this guide. 

We will present the top 5 Survivor models available that you can find.

Dead By Daylight (DBD) – Best Survivor Builds

The Healer Survivor Build in Dead by Daylight (DBD)

The Healer is a vital feature in DBD because it will assist you in avoiding the threat of a killer who wants to force you into the state of death. 

This gives you additional time to fight adversaries. Let’s now examine the advantages of this build.

  • We’re Gonna Live Forever (David King)
  • Botany Knowledge (Claudette Morel)
  • Bite the Bullet (Leon S. Kennedy)
  • Boon: Circle of Healing (Mikaela Reid)

Hook Rescue Survivor Build

If you’re a survivor, one of your main tasks is to remove the hooks of the survivors around you.

 Each time you encounter one of your survivors dead or hooked, your chances of winning decrease significantly.

 Now let’s look into the benefits of this particular build.

  • Desperate Measures (Felix Richter)
  • Borrowed Time (Bill Overbeck)
  • Deliverance (Adam Francis)
  • We’ll Make It (General Survivor Perk)


Its Escapist Survivor builds in DBD can be extremely helpful if you die. 

We will look over the most beneficial features of this build.

  • Unbreakable (Bill Overbeck)
  • Power Struggle (Elodie Rakoto)
  • Boil Over (Kate Denson)
  • Flip-Flop (Ash Williams)


Once you have mastered the run skill, you’ll discover yourself repeatedly running to avoid enemies to complete generators quickly.

  • Decisive Strike (Laurie Strode)
  • Spine Chill (General Survivor Perk)
  • Dead Hard (David King)
  • Windows of Opportunity (Kate Denson)


Stealth is a talent you should master if you play games like Dead by Daylight.

 With the aid of this Stealth build, you’ll be able to swiftly get past criminals without not noticing the difference between you and them. 

Check out the advantages of this build.

  • Iron Will (Jake Park)
  • Urban Evasion (Nea Karlsson)
  • Boon: Shadow Step (Mikaela Reid)
  • Quick and Quiet (Meg Thomas)

That’s it. These are the top 5 Survivor builds available in Dead by Daylight (DBD).

 As you can see, each one of these builds differs from the other, making sure that you choose the right one for your needs. 



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