Deadly Cytomegalovirus found in a Covid Patient in Kolkata

Deadly Cytomegalovirus found in a Covid Patient in Kolkata.

The whole world is preoccupied with the Corona Virus. The number of infected people, most people, are almost annoyed by the various restrictions issued to prevent it. In this situation, new panic cytomegalovirus.

However, this dormant virus is suddenly becoming deadly. And as a result, the danger to corona patients is increasing. The most alarming thing is the case of Cytomegalovirus in Kolkata.

The cytomegalovirus virus has already discovered in the bodies of many corona jays in several private hospitals in Kolkata. The number will be 11. Several of them have already died. Soham Majumder, a doctor in the critical care unit of Dhakuria Amri Hospital, has personally treated people infected with the Cytomegalovirus.

However, after the patient’s death, they realized that this deadly virus had awakened in their body, according to doctors, not just 11 people. Traces of this type of virus can be found in the body of many.

In the absence of proper examination, it may not be possible to identify the patient at the right time. It is because only DNA testing of the blood can detect such a virus. This type of test costs four to five thousand rupees.

However, not all diagnostic centers have this test, so it takes a long time to identify the patient. As a result, the possibility of a loss of life increases.

How can a corona patient realize that the dormant Cytomegalovirus has suddenly awakened in his body? According to doctor Soham Majumdar, excessive fever is a sign of the virus waking up. Colon ulcers and sudden bleeding are also symptoms of cytomegalovirus awakening in the body.

Now the question is, what exactly caused the Cytomegalovirus to wake up suddenly in the body? According to doctors, all of us have this dormant virus in our bodies.

However, the body is getting weaker after corona decreased immunity. And the Cytomegalovirus is waking up in the body at that opportunity.

So doctors advise corona winners to be much more careful at this point. Experts also say that if any symptoms appear, go to the doctor immediately.


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