death toll in Kentucky may reach around 100 due to the Tornadoes

The death toll in Kentucky may reach around 100 due to the Tornadoes.

The death toll caused by strong tornadoes that destroyed towns across Kentucky will likely exceed 100, Governor Jim Justice says, as the hope of finding survivors fades.

Andy Beshear said this was the most destructive tornado incident in the state’s history, with more than eighty confirmed fatalities.

“Nothing that was directly in the path of one tornado is standing today,” he said.

14 deaths have been recorded in four states.

In Kentucky, Rescue workers searched debris to find survivors. Teams handed out generators and water to the residents. Nearly 300 members from the National Guard were going door to door and clearing debris.

“We’re waiting with bated breath that we’ll see some kind of miracle to help us find more victims,” the governor said on a visit in the village of Mayfield, which was among the most affected.

However, nobody was found alive after the early hours of Saturday morning.

Mr. Beshear claimed that a severe storm destroyed homes and buildings across its 227-mile (365km) course. Many people saw their homes destroyed, though the exact number was unclear.

Before, the longest tornado ever traveled across the surface of the US was a distance of 219 miles, one in Missouri in March 1925, which killed 695 people. These significant storms in the summer and spring months are very uncommon.

In Mayfield, the fire station, as well as the city hall, were smashed. “I don’t believe there’s a glass pane on any property or vehicle owned by the city that’s not broken,” Mayor Kathy Stewart declared.

Eight deaths were identified by a candle-light factor struck by the thought that 110 employees were to be inside. Instead, another eight employees were in the dark.

Kyanna Parsons Perez, a worker in a factory who made a desperate appeal for assistance on Facebook from the ruins, informed the media that other businesses were shut down due to the storm. Workers were not supposed to be working.

Governor Beshear stated that he had demanded the Biden administration to declare a significant disaster in the state as an upgrade to an emergency declaration currently in place. 

This would allow for additional federal funds for recovery.