Deaths from massive Kentucky floods increase to 28.

28 individuals were confirmed dead as a result of the severe flooding in Kentucky on Sunday, according to Governor Andy Beshear, while a dozen or more others are still missing.

Beshear predicted a considerable increase in the number and warned that it would take weeks to locate every victim. According to a daily report from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, up to 37 persons were missing.

Additionally, when the most recent storms go through, additional flash flooding was predicted to occur on Sunday and Monday in parts of Appalachia, according to the National Weather Service. 

In a few of the same places that were flooded last week, rainfall rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour were possible.

Beshear said on Sunday that 359 survivors were staying in two campsites and 15 shelters at state parks.

Beshear said, “We still can’t go into certain regions to check on folks. “Our National Guard is being doubled. We’ll try to knock on as many doors as possible to locate as many folks as possible. 

“Even the rain won’t stop us from working. But the weather makes things more difficult.”

After falling between 8 and 10.5 inches in some areas of eastern Kentucky over the previous 48 hours, the rain stopped early on Friday. 

However, according to, some 13,000 utility customers in Kentucky were still without power on Sunday.

President Biden declared a federal disaster to allocate aid funds to over a dozen Kentucky counties.