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Deltacron: A New Type Of Coronavirus Found In Covid Third Wave

New Variant of Deltacron: Coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly across the nation. 

The rising instances are a cause of concern and anxiety for the nation and the whole world. 

However, new strains of covid-19 pop up every day, creating uncertainty and fears about the spread of this disease.

While everyone is trying to defend themselves from the attacks of the latest variant of the coronavirus Omicron and Omicron, Cyprus researchers have discovered the existence of a new type. 

This strain is a mixture of Delta Omicron and Delta Omicron variants. It is called Deltacron.

In one of its articles, the Jerusalem Post citing the Cyprus Mail, stated that Deltacron shares identical genetic roots as Delta variant. 

Still, it also contains mutations from the COVID variant Omicron.

Omicron The Fastest Spreading Variant

It is important to note that Omicron is thought to be the fastest-growing variant in comparison to covid-19 variations, and thanks to the Delta variant, hundreds of people across the globe died in the last year, and this is why identifying an alternative that is an amalgamation of Omicron along with Delta can cause fear for people.

25 Deltacron Cases That Are Claimed To Be Locate

Cyprus researchers have submitted the results for GISAID during this time. GISAID is an information database that studies all Coronavirus infections across the globe.

Based on reports, they’ve received 25 instances of Deltacron all over the world. However, no country has confirmed the existence of patients with the new strain to date.

Dr. Leondios Kostrikis, head of the Laboratory for Biotechnology and Molecular Virology of the University of Cyprus, said that they discovered in the study that the rate of mutations in patients who were admitted to treatment for Corona was higher, suggesting that new variations of Corona were found in hospitals.


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