'Deltacron' new coronavirus variant discovered in Cyprus

‘Deltacron’ new coronavirus variant discovered in Cyprus.

A new coronavirus type Deltacron has been discovered in Cyprus. It is a similar gene-based background as the Delta variant.

According to a report in the media, some of the mutations derived from Omicron experts, who say that there is nothing to worry about right now.

Ten of the mutations associated with Omicron were detected in 25 samples taken from Cyprus. The samples come from patients who had been hospitalized because of the virus, and 14 were out of the population at large, according to Jerusalem Post citing Cyprus Mail.

Doctor Leondios Kostrikis, the head of the laboratory for molecular and biotechnology at the University of Cyprus, said that the prevalence of the mutation in hospitalized patients was greater and could suggest an association between the new variation and the hospitalization.

Kostrikis stressed that the variant shares an identical genetic background with the Delta variant and some of the mutations from Omicron.

The new version was not concerned about right now, the Health Minister of Cyprus Michalis Hadjipandelas on Saturday.

The minister also expressed satisfaction in the development of the new model. Hadjipandelas declared that the breakthrough research and results of Dr. Kostrikisteam make us feel proud of the scientists we have.

Ministers also stressed that this research had put Cyprus in the spotlight regarding health issues, as reported by Jerusalem Post. The scientific name for the new version has not been released.