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Destiny Players Recall Their Favorite Moments from the First Game

Destiny Players Recall Their Favorite Moments: Eight years have passed since the original Destiny game was released. Since then, a successful sequel to Destiny 2 has been available. 

While most players have moved on to Destiny, many still look back with nostalgia.

This nostalgic trend made visible recently when Destiny became a Twitter trend. 

A few viral tweets made Destiny a top topic on Twitter with almost 40,000 followers.

Three tweets were used to start the Destiny nostalgia track. One was sent by @ByLaraJackson on Twitter, asking users which games they’ve played 500+ hours. 

User @Jarvenis sent another tweet asking users which color pill they would prefer: blue (for Destiny) or red (for ). 

The last tweet featured a series of quote tweets, which began with @VexOnTwit. Next, users select ten media forms that they consider essential and describe them.

Most users who replied to these tweets had Destiny somewhere in their lists.

 Users boasted that they played Destiny for more than 500 hours. Many responses to the @Jarvenis tweet, which chose Destiny over Destiny 2

This shows the affection players have for the original entry. Many users included Destiny among the ten media they use to identify them, many of which also include Destiny2.

Destiny Players Recall Their Favorite Moments

After it resigned from the Halo series, Destiny was Bungie’s first significant step. 

Because of Bungie’s reputation, it was one the most anticipated videogames ever made.

 Its sales proved that it lived up the hype with $325million in sales within its first five days. 

It is no surprise that just a few tweets about video games were all it took to create a floodgate for nostalgia talk. 

Destiny’s popularity is evident because the tweets that started the trend didn’t mention it at all.

 Instead, players talked about their favorite media and games that brought it back into people’s heads.

Every gamer has a favorite title that ignites their passion for gaming. It seems like Destiny has that spark for many gamers. 

It is evident that the legacy that started with Destiny continues to be strong, as Destiny2 is still receiving new content.

 This includes content calling back Destiny.

Destiny is now available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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