'Development will be faster in Telangana': PM

‘Development will be faster in Telangana’: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Telangana residents “yearn” for a “double engine growth,” and that if the BJP is in power in the state, the speed of development activities will quicken in every city and hamlet.

Modi stated, “When BJP’s twin engine government will be established in Telangana, development activities would be hastened in every city and hamlet of the state,” addressing a sizable public gathering called “Vijay Sankalp Sabha” in Hyderabad. BJP leaders have referred to the administration at the federal level and in the states, it controls as a “double engine” government. Elections in Telangana are scheduled for the following year.

According to PM Modi, the NDA administration at the national level has made an effort to improve every Indian’s quality of life. “Over the last eight years, we have worked to improve every Indian’s life. We are always thinking of ways to improve people’s lives and spread the benefits of growth to every individual and area, he said, according to PTI.

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“People of Telangana are recognized for their hard work,” the prime minister remarked, praising the state’s art and culture. The inhabitants of the state are very talented. Telangana is renowned for its history and culture, and we are all proud of the state’s art and architecture.

“We have seen that the BJP’s double-engine government has also increased public confidence in it in other states. He said people are preparing the ground for the BJP’s double-engine administration, even in Telangana.

In his speech, PM Modi noted that various initiatives for the welfare of the underprivileged, Dalits, socially backward, and tribal people had been introduced during the previous eight years of his administration at the Centre. The PM remarked that people from all spheres of society now have more faith in our government and its programs.

According to the Prime Minister at the “Vijay Sankalp Sabha,” the BJP held its two-day national executive conference on July 2 and 3 in Hyderabad with the affection of the Telangana people for the party in mind.

The TRS administration in Telangana has turned into “a symbol of dynastic and corrupt politics,” according to a statement made earlier today by the BJP and approved at its national executive meeting. At a press conference, Union Minister Piyush Goyal cited a government statement that claimed Telangana was created as a result of the struggle of the saffron party and the sacrifices of young people but claimed that over the past eight years, the TRS government has “completely dashed the expectations of the people.”