Digimon Adventure premiered in Japan in April 2020 and became a sensation among kids. The good news for Digimon Adventure fans is that the anime series will be available dubbed in English this spring. It means you’ll be able to enjoy 67 episodes in English without reading the subtitles.

The news was announced during a Digimon Fan Meetup event in Los Angeles. The anime will star Ben Diskin as Agumon and Zeno Robinson as Taichi. According to IMDB, Digimon Adventure has a rating of 6.9, with a total of 629 votes.

Digimon Adventure Storyline

The anime revolves around Taichi Yagami, who is in his fifth year of elementary school with his partner Agumon. The plot becomes interesting when a large-scale network malfunction occurs in Tokyo, Japan’s capital.

Taichi is all set to attend a weekend summer camping trip. As a result of the malfunctioning, Taichi’s mother and younger sister are stuck in an immobile train. While pursuing to rescue his mother and sister, Taichi encounters an incident that traps him in the Digital World.

Wait, what? How does Taichi come back? If you want to know more, watch the English-dubber Digimon Adventure this spring.

The anime series is extremely promising and hooks the audiences for hours as the digital adventure begins. Also, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate the detailed, well-crafted battle scenes.

Digimon Reboot

Digimon Adventure 2020 is essentially a reboot of the 1999 Digimon Adventure series that ran on television. Later, the original series was aired in the US after being dubbed into English in 1999 due to the anime’s extreme popularity among kids. On the other hand, the 2020 Digimon Adventure only had English subtitles and not a dubbed version.

A Digimon Fan Meetup was held in 2023, and a guidebook was distributed during the event. The guidebook essentially comprises the translation of original content from Japan’s 25th Anniversary Digimon Museum Exhibit.

Also, the guidebook includes historical information on the Digimon franchise, which serves as promotional material for the upcoming Digimon online content. In the guidebook, an ad hints about the English dubbing of Digimon Adventure.

The actual date of the English dubbing release hasn’t been specified; however, it’s great news for Digimon’s fans. You should take note that the voice actors for the 202 Digimon Adventure will certainly be different from the original 1999 dub; however, the basic essence and other elements will remain the same.

For instance, Taichi will have a short form of Tai similar to the original dub. Also, the attack on Agumon will be named “Pepper Breath” in the latest version, as was in the 1999 dub. This way, the creators want to have some moments of nostalgia in the 2020 Digimon Adventure.

The fans will be able to enjoy the new cheerful sound of the actors while enjoying the English dubbing. You no longer have to watch the subtites to enjoy Japanese anime as you can watch English-dubbed Digimon Adventure this spring.