Does Joe Biden Claim that he has Cancer

Does Joe Biden Claim that he has Cancer? 

Concerns have been raised in several areas after US Vice President Joe Biden’s comments that he “had cancer.” 

A video of the 79-year-old US President talking about the harm done by oil refinery pollutants in his hometown of Delaware in Somerset, Massachusetts, began making the rounds on Twitter.

“My mom drove us instead of letting us walk, and guess what? Do you recall what was occurring during the first frost? First, the oil slick had to be wiped off the glass physically. 

“Thus you had to turn on your windshield wipers. That’s why I have Cancer, along with an awful lot of the other people I grew up with, and why Delaware used to have the highest cancer incidence in the country,” says he.

The White House issued an explanation after the uproar over Biden’s statement, stating that he was speaking about treatment for non-melanoma skin tumors he underwent the year before taking office.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates directed The New York Post to a tweet from Washington Post writer Glenn Kessler, who clarified the President’s comments by pointing out that Biden had “non-melanoma skin tumors” removed before taking office.

Despite the statement, republican Twitter users made fun of the President, and the hashtag #BidenHasCancer began trending. 

One Twitter user said, “I don’t know whether #BidenHasCancer, but that guy is certainly not stable psychologically.” 

Further rumors were sparked by his use of the present tense in his remark, as Greg Price of XStrategies LLC noted in his response to Kessler’s tweet: “He stated “I have cancer.” “You use the absolute d- in the present tense.