Does Minecraft Have more players than Fortnite? Few games have had as significant an impact in the game industry as Fortnite and Minecraft. As a result, both games boast massive player bases and attract new players to their respective platforms.

 In this article, we’ll explore the possibility of whether Minecraft attracts more users than Fortnite currently. Be aware that the numbers and conclusions in this article are estimates, and any information that isn’t cited from a source is purely speculation.

Does Minecraft have more players than Fortnite?

The quick answer is it’s not yet. Although it’s difficult at this time to provide any concrete figures, it appears that Fortnite currently has far more active users per month than Minecraft. 

Yet, Minecraft is on a steady upward trend, while Fortnite is beginning to enter with a gradual decline.

Since there are no live player statistics regarding Fortnite or Minecraft, Minecraft or Fortnite, We are forced to do some deductive work by putting together the player counts from different reports over time. 

A few reports have overlaps in the current timeline, and we can try to determine the number of players for a similar period in the past. We can then predict the future based on the trend of the game at present.

The best time to begin with, is the month of August 2020. Unfortunately, this was the last time we had accurate data regarding Fortnite players’ numbers because they were revealed in the Epic vs. Apple Lawsuit. 

In the documents filed in the suit, they claimed that in August of 2020, Fortnite reached a staggering 25 million DAU (Daily Active Users). With the industry-wide mean of MAU (Monthly Active Users) being ten times higher than DAU, we can draw an approximate assumption that during August in 2020, Fortnite boasted around 250 Million active users per month.

Moving to Minecraft, we have some statistics on MAU in March 2020, May 2020, and 2021. It is clear that in May of 2021, Minecraft was home to 126 million MAU. This was compared to 140 million in March. Therefore, we can observe the trends between these two dates and conclude that by August 2020, Minecraft was likely to have 129 million active users per month.

More recent data indicates that Minecraft is currently hovering around the 141 million active monthly users in August of this year. While there isn’t any reliable information on the number of users who have recently joined Fortnite, It is likely to assume that the MAU hasn’t dropped by more than 100 million players below Minecraft in the past year.

 This would represent a more than 40% decline in players’ base and could have caused significant news in the gaming world.

It is possible to use Google Trend data over the last year to understand where the games are heading. 

Although the magnitude in the chart below could be misleading, what’s most important is the direction that the trends take over time. For example, it is evident that Fortnite has been stagnant and then started to fall as Minecraft has picked up its pace in the past few months.

At the moment, we can state that we can confidently say that at the very least, on an annual level, Minecraft does not have more players than Fortnite

However, with the present trends, that might change the next year or two in the future. While they aren’t always 100% reliable, the player tracking websites seem to be confirming this, showing a month-to-month net loss in the number of players playing Fortnite and the net increase of players for Minecraft.

This report will be updated when more specific information regarding player counts shortly. Events like the launch of chapter 3 Fornite Chapter 3 will undoubtedly alter the numbers. However, they will be focused on the bigger picture in the long run.