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How to download and install Sodium in Minecraft?

Download and install Sodium in Minecraft: Users who wish to boost their performance in Minecraft by reducing graphic issues or stuttering and increasing frame rates can test Sodium. 

It’s a mod or rendering engine replacement that works with Fabric.

If you’re looking to improve the experience you get from playing the game.

you can find instructions on installing Sodium within Minecraft.

To download SodiumSodium for your computer.

Go to, look for the latest files and the Minecraft version, and download your file there.

Simple enough, But how do you install it? Let’s dive into the process.

How do I Install Sodium Mod to boost FPS?

  • Stop the Minecraft launcher if open.
  • Make sure you have to have the Fabric loader installed and updated to the most recent version. You can download it right here, along with the outlined steps for installing the loader over the following.
  • Then, copy the downloaded mod from the folder the mod was downloaded to and copy it into the Mods directory.
  • To locate the mods directory to find the mods folder, enter the string %appdata% on your computer’s search bar.
  • Here’s where you will find the mods – %appdata%\.minecraft\mods.  If you’ve never played with mods before, you can create a mods account (lowercase).
  • According to the official description, there are no additional mods (not even Fabric API!) required to use SodiumSodium. It is not necessary to build new worlds to benefit from the technology.
  • Once you’ve completed the steps above, start Minecraft via the launcher.
  • Then, choose Fabric from the drop-down menu at the lower left, and then you can make use of Sodium in Minecraft following clicking play.
  • So it’s the basic procedure to download and install SodiumSodium for use with Minecraft. 

After you’ve got that done, make sure to read the other Minecraft tutorials for more helpful tips and tricks.



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