During the Truce 4 People More Killed in Gaza

During the Truce 4 People More Killed in Gaza

Sunday saw four more children murdered in Gaza, according to the health ministry of the Palestinian enclave, as days of fierce combat between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants continued despite discussions of a potential ceasefire.

A total of 41 Palestinians have “been murdered, including 15 children and four women, and 311 have been wounded” in the Gaza Strip since an Israeli military operation against Islamic militants sites started on Friday, according to the government of the Palestinian enclave.

After three days of severe fighting, Israel agreed to an Egyptian-proposed ceasefire with Palestinian militants in Gaza on Sunday, according to an Egyptian source. Islamic Jihad also confirmed that negotiations for a ceasefire were in progress.

The talks give rise to expectations that Egypt would assist in mediating a compromise to stop the bloodiest violence in Gaza since an 11-day war last year ravaged the underdeveloped coastal region, which is home to around 2.3 million Palestinians.

Israel has been heavily shelling Islamic Jihad strongholds in Gaza since last Friday. The terrorists have responded by launching hundreds of missiles.