Dying Light winter storms bring back Super Crane and Hyper Mode.

Dying Light winter storms: Seven years since Dying Light’s launch, the developer Techland supports the game’s parkour zombies with fresh features. In addition, a new winter event began, which altered the game’s gameplay while offering new items to players.

The winter event trailer highlights the many games features. Through December 23, Hyper Mode is turned on. Your punches will be activated, and your kicks will make zombies fly comically.

You can get enough kills from your fists to earn an item called the Hyper Argument Hammer. This was previously only included in Harran’s Harran Tactical Unit bundle. In addition, the reduced fall damage is available for the duration of the purchase of the weapon, which allows you to be a little more risk-taking.

From December 16 onwards, On December 16, the Super Crane will be available for everyone to play all kinds of fun tricks using this grappling hook. Make use of it to knock enough zombies off roofs, and you’ll be able to get the pink and purple Volkatronix gun, which debuted in Retrowave. Retrowave bundle. Like Hyper Mode, the Super Crane will expire on December 23.

If you’ve not yet tried Dying Light yourself, the new Platinum Edition comes with everything you need that includes the game as well as the previously released DLC all in one package.

Upgrades for the current generation will also be available through PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series Patches for X/S shortly. The next installment in the series shouldn’t be too distant also. Dying Light 2: Stay Human has been made gold, and the sequel is scheduled to release on PC, PS5, PS4 Series X/S Xbox One on February 4, 2022.


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