Elden Ring get Royal Knight's Resolution

Elden Ring get Royal Knight’s Resolution: Royal Knight’s Resolve has already been hailed as one of the best Ashes of War in Elden Ring, and an error is increasing its effectiveness! Here’s where you can get it.

Ashes of War are some of the most delicate items available within Elden Ring. The reason is that using them to enhance your weapons will allow you to access several practical skills.

One of the best Ashes of War to equip is the Royal Knight’s Resolve. Additionally, it appears incomplete disarray and could turn any boss an easy task!

What is Royal Knight’s Resolve? Where is it located inside Elden Ring?

Elden Ring get Royal Knight’s Resolution

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What is the Royal Kight’s Resolve?

Royal Knight’s Resolve skill increases the severity of the next strike by approximately 20%. But, it’s currently damaged and will not disappear when you cast spells. This means that your attacks can do double damage!

Please take advantage of this vulnerability, as it will likely patch shortly!

Additionally, the Ash of War can be used on any melee weapon, and the skill costs only fifteen FPS. 

Plus, Royal Knight’s Resolve is easily accessible and is among the best items you can get for speedruns.

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Elden Ring get Royal Knight’s Resolution

A Royal Knight’s Solution Ash of War Location + Map

It is possible to get the Imperial Knight’s Resolve Ash from War through a fireplace at Volcano Manor. Here’s how to get there!

  • The first step is to be armed with a Stonesword Key and know how to climb Mt. Gelmir and then get to Volcano Manor.
  • After you’ve reached Volcano Manor, you’ll need to take a route to get The Ash of War.
  • Find the doorway hidden in the Drawing Room of Volcano manor and then follow the path that goes through the roofs and over the lava until you reach the Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace. You must beat or get past to defeat the Godskin Noble Boss!
  • Take the lift to the right side of the Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace and then follow the balcony to an unmarked rock path that runs alongside the lava that you can leap into.
  • Leap over the rocks, then follow the path to the east before jumping to the left and then hopping across the lavas.
  • Then, leap through the broken window and open the door to the right side, then climb the stairs and take the path to the left. This will lead you to a room within Volcano Manor.
  • Enter the room through the door on the rear right corner, then up the steps and then through a second door.
  • Use Your Stonesword Key to open the fog door, and then carefully move through the cages until the floor.
  • In the room in front of you, there is an open fireplace. You can take the Ash from War the Royal Knight’s Resolve from the body!
  • While visiting Volcano Manor, you should also find out how you can get your hands on the Blasphemous Blade!

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Look at Jacko’s clip below to see the step you must complete to reach Royal Knight’s Resolve.