Electric Scooter Sharing Companies Report 350000 Trips in Bronx Pilot Program

Electric Scooter Sharing Companies Report 350,000 Trips in Bronx Pilot Program.

An available curbside e-scooter will take you through a section of the Bronx.

Three micro-mobility companies have been operating 3,000 e-scooters in a northeast section of the Bronx.

In August, the city moved forward with a pilot program east of the botanical gardens. Phase 2 begins next summer at Throggs Neck and Soundview.

Lime, Bird and Veo are the participating companies. People register through an app and verify the location of a vehicle.

Some 350,000 trips have been made and companies say it is growing.

The pilot program will run until 2023.

The city and the companies will determine the details for a broader rollout. Safety and cleanliness remain top priorities.