How can you eliminate Fyodor the Soul Warden In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?

Eliminate Fyodor the Soul Warden In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Fyodor is the last boss in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Molten Mirrors DLC. It would help if you navigated this DLC’s complex challenges to reach the Soul Warden.

From atop his mechanical monster, this fearsome adversary watches over you and shoots cannons at you to keep you from ending his reign of horror. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands wouldn’t be the same without a brave hero on the prowl.

Are you strong enough to overcome Fyodor the Soul Warden?

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Molten Mirrors advises on fighting Fyodor the Soul Warden.

Fyodor seat on his mechanical throne as the boss battle begins. You’ll have to wait before harming Fyodor, just as with Imelda. He will have guns on you from underneath the throne throughout this time.

As you navigate the toss and fire the red crystals known as Soul Cells, be careful of the purple balls that will undoubtedly be your character’s demise. You must eliminate all four of them.

Fyodor will leap down once they go, allowing you to hit him the first time.

Be careful to move quickly to dodge the rounds from the cannon Fyodor is holding as he jumps down. Fyodor will attempt to kill you with his cannon and skeleton troops.

To prevent them from overwhelming you, be careful to remove them if necessary. For example, Fyodor sometimes employs a grappling hook.

Don’t worry if you get caught up in it; he will only draw you up to him so you can get away before he does further harm. Fyodor will invade you and teleport after you have reduced his health to 25%.

Eliminate Fyodor the Soul Warden In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

You will arrive in a long tunnel with three cannons at the end after being transferred there. To avoid shot by the cannons, you must sprint the whole length of the corridor.

To dodge the balls, strafe from side to side as necessary. Staying to the side of the hallway is simpler. If you fall, you may climb back up using the bullet adversaries running down the corridor.

Use the jump pad at the conclusion to return to the boss arena. Repeat the previous method by destroying the Soul Cells and assaulting Fyodor after you’ve landed in the boss arena.

Fyodor will regain his immunity at half health and transport you to a different corridor. This time, there will be two cannons that will circle as they fire in conclusion.

Position yourself between each cannon’s landing zones if you can. Thanks to this, you won’t able to get stuck as you sprint down the corridor.

Use the enemy’s bullets to revive yourself if you fall. Then, hop off the pad once again to return to the arena.

Destroy the Soul Cells and Fyodor’s health once more to complete the arena stage.

You will transfer one last time to a passageway with five cannons at the end that bounce in one spot when Fyodor has just 25% of his health left. Like in the previous hallway, these cannons won’t bouncing left and right.

You may safely sprint down the corridor without struck if you position yourself between the guns as in the image above. To return to the arena, use the leap pad one last time.

To end the battle, eliminate the Soul Cells and destroy Fyodor’s remaining health. Make careful use of the Lost Souls you accumulated during the run by going to the Wheel of Fate after defeating Fyodor.