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Eliminated Falcons will play to win in Week 18: Arthur Smith

Eliminated Falcons will play to win in Week 18: Arthur Smith. 

For the fourth consecutive year for the fourth straight year, Atlanta Falcons will be eliminated from the playoffs for the fourth time in a row. As a result, Atlanta Falcons will miss the postseason.

The 29-15 loss they suffered against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, coupled with other outcomes in the NFC, resulted in their record of 7-9 with just one game remaining is not enough to secure one of three Wild-card slots.

While some observers may view Atlanta’s season-ending game in the home stadium with their New Orleans Saints as a”meaningless” or “meaningless” game, first-year coach Arthur Smith will ensure that the Falcons will be playing the rest of the season.

Smith was asked on Monday whether he would use the week 18 game to play different players to assess them for the coming year.

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“Our approach is to win the game,” Smith explained. “Every game we go out, that’s our job description.”

This is the case for a player similar to rookie tight end Kyle Pitts, one of the brightest rays of sunshine of the Falcons season. Pitts added another 69 yards of receiving on just two catches in the game against Buffalo to reach 1,017 yards on the season. 

He was one of the few tight ends after Mike Ditka in 1961 to surpass 1,000 yards in his rookie season.

Ditka ended the campaign at the record of 1,076 (back in the day when the season only included 14 games). 

However, the number is still the record. Pitts could break the new record on the 18th of February. 

However, the hamstring he pulled was injured during the Buffalo game, and he was forced to leave early.

Smith explained that Pitts hadn’t been eliminated from the Saints game yet. However, his being within proximity to Ditka’s record will not impact the team’s choice.

“Those things are nice. I’m not disregarding those things, those stats,” Smith stated. “But the only stat that matters (is), can we go out there and beat the Saints? That’s why we like Kyle. He wants to help the team. That’s your goal as a football player and a football coach.”

The Falcons will conclude the season with no running backs head coach Desmond Kitchings. Smith confirmed that Kitchings had accepted an offer to serve as director of offensive operations at the University of Virginia under new coach Tony Elliott, effective immediately.

“He’s a smart coach, communicates well, understands how to provide value every week in terms of strategically coming up with ideas and getting his guys ready to go,” Smith stated. 

“He’s a good, smart coach. He’ll be missed around here, but it’s a heck of an opportunity for him.”

Smith added that other coaches, including himself, will join the team running back “by committee” to finish the year.

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