Enjoy these five banana recipes

Enjoy these five banana recipes: The banana is the most widely consumed fruit worldwide, not only in India. The healthiest, tastiest, and least costly fresh fruit you can purchase is a banana.

Bananas are one of the backstage requirements for well-known artists like Adele and Katy Perry.

Amino acids, vitamins B6, C, fiber, potassium, and magnesium are all abundant in bananas and good for your health.

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It improves immunological function and lowers the risk of stroke. Bananas are considered superfoods because of this.

Enjoy these five banana recipes

These banana meals are suitable for this monsoon season:

Your hunger for something sweet may be satisfied with a delicious banana cake with cream cheese icing.

You can make a banana pancake that is not only tasty but also healthful with bananas, flour, milk, and eggs. Add chocolate sauce or maple syrup as a garnish to the pancakes.

If you like making your bread, try adding some bananas for a unique flavor. Then, use Nutella spread over a piece of bread and let the magic take over.

Delicious soft sweets that will satisfy your appetite are banana chip cookies.

The greatest save until last! Banana chips, a traditional South Indian savory, are a must-try.

According to Ayurveda, this fruit adaptable and may enjoy throughout the year. However, eating bananas at the incorrect moment might harm your health.

Banana Dos and Don’ts:

Avoid taking it in the monsoon and at night if you have indigestion, a cold cough, phlegm, or asthma. It could worsen the Kapha dosha and lead to the body producing mucous.

To allow ample body time to absorb bananas, eat them throughout the day.

Do drink water right after a banana.

Never consume bananas while you are hungry. The presence of vitamin C raises the risk of acid reflux.