Enter the New Space in End of the Line Genshin Impact Quest

Enter the New Space in End of the Line Genshin Impact Quest: The newest Genshin Impact Perilous Trail event is nearing the End, and you must complete the End of the Line quest to finish the last phase of the event.

However, many Genshin Impact players have perplex by the quest’s domain-based problem, which appears after chatting with Yanfei. To be more precise, completing the challenge’s “Enter the New Space” goal is a challenging endeavor.

As a result, here is a detailed walkthrough for completing Enter the New Space in Genshin Impact.

How Do I Complete Genshin Impact’s New Space Mission?

Act II – Perilous Trail is the fourth portion of the Archon Quests Interlude Chapter: End of the Line. The Fantastic Compass is featured in the quest’s last section, and you must spin it in the following manner to fulfill the Enter the New Space goal.

To get to the compass, destroy the little Sakura tree.

When you reach the puzzle’s second zone, spin the compass ahead until the message “The needle is trapped in the tree” appears. The statement on the screen reads, “This is as far as it can turn…” Then, demolish the little sakura tree in front of the Fantastic Compass using the portal.

Rotate the compass needle by opening the Wooden Gate.

Return to the portal, and the tree obstructing the compass should now be gone. Before you start fiddling with the compass, be sure to open the wooden gate on the right side of the compass.

Move the compass needle in the direction depicted in the figure below after opening the gate. Destroy Spider Web and rotate the compass needle backward as many times as possible.

You’ll need to smash the spider web using a weapon to get to the compass after moving on to the next section. Then, slide the needle backward as many times as possible to utilize the portal.

Enter the New Space in End of the Line Genshin Impact Quest

The last step is to choose the second option in the previous zone to spin the compass needle backward. The End of the Line quest will record as finished, and you will reward with a Precious Chest for your efforts.

In addition, Primogems, More, and other Genshin Impact valuables may find in the chest. That’s all there is to it. You need to know about End of the Line Genshin Impact Quest’s new venue.

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