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Erika Jayne confronts Kyle Richards to confront him about his snide remarks

Erika Jayne confronts Kyle Richards to confront him about his snide remarks.

Erika Jayne has faced a challenging experience ever since her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion specials began airing. 

The drama continued the past week with Jayne, and she continues to face an unending legal battle.

In a sneak preview of the third episode of their reunion, Erika told the host Andy Cohen she was watching out to see who her true friends are. 

However, Erika was adamant with the Halloween Kills star Kyle Richards for making fun of her.

“The one thing that hurt me most was watching the dinner you had with Mauricio along with you and Dorit Kemsley and PK Kemsley. Watching all four of you ridicule my life and mock my family really hurt me.”

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The preview will then show a flashback of the scene during which the supposed mockery took place. Kyle’s response was cut to tease her. However, her reaction will be revealed later tonight.

Kyle was initially the first to ask Jayne whether she was one of those Erika is unhappy with. She told her she was interested in learning more about the complicated situation.

“Can I speak up? Because I’ve been reading articles in tabloids or other publications on the internet that made you angry with me. I’m sure you’re aware that we were in an uncomfortable situation, and there were many things that I’m certain you could not say; however, I then realized that there are things you could do to help us understand the situation a small amount, which is quite complex.”

Erika Jayne is in the spotlight during the reunion shows. RHOBH viewers will watch how Kyle Richards reacts when the third episode airs on October 15 at 8 Eastern on Bravo.

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