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EZ Bike Project organizes a demo ride in Santa María

EZ Bike Project organizes a demo ride in Santa María.

SANTA MARIA – The electric bike demonstration program is underway to offer new ways to reduce traffic and air pollution in Santa María.

During the month of November, the EZ Bike Project will offer free demonstrations of electric bikes to residents and commuters as alternative transportation to reduce pollution and traffic in Santa Barbara County.

Kent Epperson, Director of Traffic Solutions at SBCAG explains: “Increased competition and economies of scale have reduced the price and increased the accessibility, quality, and selection of electric bikes. The EZBike Project has a fleet of 13 electric bikes from local and online retailers ranging in price from less than $ 1,000 to more than $ 4,000. The selection offers participants the opportunity to compare features, prices, and ride quality between the different demo bikes. Either way, your investment in an electric bike will save money compared to driving a car.”

The event runs from November 2 to 7 and November 11 to 15.

The multi-day demonstrations offer cyclists the opportunity to take an electric bike home and ride it over a period of five days.

The EZBike Showcase and Demo Ride events also provide an environment for people to compare and use different models and brands in one visit, all without pressure to buy a bike.

There are also several bike demonstrations where riders can test e-bikes on a single stage, the three EZBike Showcase and Demo Ride events will be on November 2, 7, and 15.

Demonstration events will be held at the Center for Employment Training at 509 West Morrison Avenue and Bici Centro Santa Maria at 310 East Oak Street.

There are no charges for the demonstration, but a refundable credit card damage deposit is required.

Passengers interested in the event must be Santa Barbara County residents.

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