Facebook Pages will label for more context on posts

Facebook Pages will label for more context on posts

Facebook has been introducing various ways to curb the spread of misinformation on its platform. Advancing its vision, the social media platform has announced that it is now testing the page-tag feature to give people more context about the pages they view. These tags will appear below the page name and people will be able to click on them to learn more about the posts. Political pages will be tagged as “public official”. Other tags include “Fan Page” and “Satire Page” which will be added to pages that provide people with memes, funny content, and more.

This will help differentiate between what is genuine news and what is not. With this, confusion about content can also be resolved. As a bottom line, it will also help Facebook curb the spread of fake news, which is a trend that doesn’t seem to die.

Facebook page tags are currently available to people in the US and are part of the test. It is not known whether or not they will reach India for us. If so, you can help us to better understand the pages that appear in our Facebook Feed and to understand the nature of the content that is shared.

In its effort to combat misinformation, Facebook also recently started misinformation labeling, tied in third-party fact-checkers To know the authenticity of the information, he deleted several fake Facebook accounts, among other things.