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Fauci claims that U.S. Senator Rand Paul is making violent threats against me

Fauci claims that U.S. Senator Rand Paul is making violent threats against me. 

WASHINGTON – Dr. Anthony Fauci was the top U.S. infectious diseases official. 

Tuesday’s accusation was that Rand Paul spread misinformation that prompted threats of violence against him and his family and distracted the public from fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fauci, a Kentucky lawmaker and Trump supporter had his heated exchange with Paul at a Senate hearing on health. 

Fauci claimed that Paul focused on misinformed attacks and no oversight to address the U.S.’s health care crisis which has already killed over 800,000.

Paul’s website claims Fauci “ignored good advice, lying about everything from the contagiousness to the virus to masks,” and Fauci was accused Tuesday of demeaning scientists who disagree with him. In addition, Fauci claimed that Paul was distorting the truth.

Fauci said to the senator, “There you are again, you do the same thing every time you hear you,” accusing him of making personal attacks without any connection to reality.

Fauci said, “He’s doing it for political reasons,” Fauci added. He pointed out fundraising appeals on Paul’s website alongside a request to fire Fauci.

Fauci stated that “it distracts us from what we’re trying to do today (which is) get our hands around the epidemic, the pandemic, and not something imaginary.”

Fauci has been subject to harsh criticism from conservatives and death threats from those who oppose vaccination and masking, which he advocated stopping the pandemic.

Fauci stated that misinformation had fuelled such threats.

Fauci said, “What happens when Paul (Paul) comes out and accuses you of untrue things? That all of a sudden, it kindles the crazies, and I have… threats on my life, harassment and abuse of my family, and my children.”

Fauci stated that on December 21st, an Iowan was arrested for allegedly trying to kill Fauci.

Paul claimed that Fauci made personal attacks on him and that no one would wish violence against Fauci.

Fauci demanded that Fox News host Jesse Watters be fired following Watters’ remarks about a “kill shot” and criticisms of the doctor.



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