Aether Current Coordinates in Ultima Thule Zone FF14:

If you’d like to start flying through the final area of the Endwalker expansion of FFXIV, you first have to gather the Aether currents. It also has requirements that require unlocking all islands within the zone and finishing your primary mission. 

After completing those, you will see the green orbs of wind called Aether currents scattered throughout the map. Finally, this article will glance at Aether’s current coordinates in the Ultima Thule Zone of FF14 (FFXIV) Endwalker expansion.

Aether Current Coordinates in Ultima Thule Zone FF14

Here are the Coordinates for the Aether currents.

  • First Current – X: 34.7 / Y: 29.7 / Z: 3.9
  • Second Current –X: 36.5 / Y: 28.6 / Z: 3.9
  • Third Current –X: 14.8 / Y: 14.2 / Z: 2.2
  • Fourth Current –X: 13.7 / Y: 8.8 / Z: 2.1
  • Fifth Current –X: 16.7 / Y: 15.5 / Z: 2.7
  • Sixth Current –X: 34.2 / Y: 27.2 / Z: 3.9
  • Seventh Current –X: 32.8 / Y: 29.5 / Z: 3.9
  • Eighth Current – X: 21.7 / Y: 6.3 / Z: 2.3
  • Ninth Current –X: 32.2 / Y: 26.2 / Z: 3.9
  • Tenth Current –X: 29.9 / Y: 7.8 / Z: 2.3
  • Though I may have listed them as first and second, and so on, you can get them regardless of order. As I mentioned earlier, they appear as green orbs, so if you spot them, you’ve discovered one. It is recommended to use your Aether Compass to determine their exact location, as they will let to determine how close you will be. It is possible to locate the Aether Compass inside your collections section rather than the inventory of critical items. Go to the Duty menu, and choose groups to find it.
  • There’s an Aether current you can obtain from this primary task. You can also locate four Aether currents when you complete the optional quests.

This is the conclusion of this guide on Aether current coordinates within the Ultima Thule Zone of the FF14 version (FFXIV).