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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Video Brings Back the Fixed Camera

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Video: Final Fantasy 7 Remake is one of Square Enix’s most popular games. The remake features many iconic moments, locations, and characters that allow players to relive the original. 

The Game Awards also revealed a Final Fantasy 7 REmake PC port. This port was Final Fantasy 7 Intergrade

It is an enhanced and expanded version of the game initially released on the PS5. You will find improved visuals, performance modes, and even a Photo Mode.

This version introduces the Photo Mode, allowing fans to take amazing photos of the game’s characters, locations, and enemies.

 Some users have used Final Fantasy 7’s Photo Mode to bring back color to flashback scenes. 

This enhances the game’s experience. In addition, fans can now modify certain aspects of Final Fantasy 7 Remake thanks to the PC port. 

One fan showed how Photo Mode could improve the remake’s accuracy.

Final FanTV’s Final Fantasy 7: Remake video shows how the opening six minutes of the footage alter to use the fixed camera from the original PS1. 

The video shows Cloud and AVALANCHE on the iconic bombing mission. The camera angles recreate in the remake. 

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Video

Cloud attacks the Shinra Soldiers using combat that is deliberately modeled after the original.

The video shows the wide and high angles of the original camera to create Final Fantasy 7. 

This lets you see the immense scale and depth the remake has about its set pieces, especially the Shinra reactor. 

Side-by-side comparisons to the original game include in the video. This allows fans to see the differences between the different areas, despite the similar layouts.

These fixed camera angles create using modding tools by Otis_Inf for the game’s photo mode.

 Final FanTV says that this video is merely a proof-of-concept and could use to inspire future Final Fantasy 7 Remake Mods. 

He suggested that a full-on mod like this can make to the game’s battle camera. 

This would interfere with the actual gameplay. So instead, he suggests that the cutscene camera be left as it is. 

The classic cam mod would best suit exploration. However, a quality-of-life mod could create in the future if the game is now available on PC.

Final Fantasy 7: Remakes are available for PC, PS4, and PS5.


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