How to Find Alexander for Second Time in Elden Ring?

Find Alexander for Second Time in Elden Ring: As a player, you know that in Elden Ring, you’ll have to free Alexander several times. 

Unfortunately, many players face the real challenge of finding Alexander multiple times and freeing him.

However, this guide will guide you on how to find Alexander for the second time in Elden Ring. So let’s begin!

How to Find Alexander for Second Time in Elden Ring?

Go to his spot at Artist’s Shack to get Iron Fist Alexander out of Elden Ring for the second time. After defeating Starscourge Rahdan and completing the tournament arc, you must proceed to this location.

After arriving at the specified place, you must manufacture an Oil Pot at the Sofia Well. Once you’ve come, exit the hut and climb the scaffolding. 

Drop down to the wooden platform walkway and continue until you reach a cave-like structure. Once you’ve arrived, go past the waterfall to the conclusion. 

A merchant can be found here. The dealer will present you with two book options. 

First, to get the recipe for the Oil Pot, buy the more costly one. Then, make an oil pot and return to Alexander to help him escape out of Elden Ring.

You must return to Alexander’s location and hurl the pot at him. After that, charge up a huge weapon’s assault. After that, you have to hit Alexander with the weapon to set him free.

Alexander will express his thanks and gift you Exalted Flesh as a prize once you have freed yourself. That’s everything you need to know about this Elden Ring assignment. 

As you can see, releasing Alexander isn’t all that difficult. But, be aware that you will be doing this more than once. 

However, this is all about how to find Alexander for the second time in Elden Ring. If you enjoyed this guide, please share it with others.


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