Where can you find an ancient city in In Minecraft?

find an ancient city in In Minecraft: Ancient Cities are spawn points in the Deep Dark biome, which was introduced with Minecraft‘s The Wild update. These are enormous, wide locations with chests and treasures that you can’t find anywhere else in the game, but they’re also home to the Warden mob, which is immensely strong and might stop your Survival Mode adventures.

The problem is that finding an Ancient City in Minecraft might be difficult, particularly if you don’t want to die. So this post will show you how to discover an Ancient City in Minecraft using the best way.

Ancient City Locations in Minecraft

Only the Deep Dark biome, a cave biome, produces the Ancient City. It only makes below Y-0 coordinates, but the closer you go to bedrock, the more likely you are to discover one,

so start mining about Y -52 and keep going until you locate a Deep Dark biome. With any luck, an Ancient City will be found in the Deep Dark biome.

Ancient Cities are also more likely to spawn beneath the mountain biomes introduced in the 1.18 update, such as Snowy Slopes and Jagged Peaks, so if you have one nearby or the location of one to teleport there in Minecraft, this might save you some time.

It’s worth mentioning that while mining for an Ancient City, you should be cautious since they are generally quite towering, large areas. If you enter through the roof of one, you’ll almost certainly die, so be extremely careful and bring your Elytra with you just in case.

Finding Ancient Cities with the Help of Cheats

You may also use the /locate hack to locate an Ancient City if you don’t mind using cheats. Type the following cheat codes into the chat box:

Ancient City Cheat: /locate the structure in Minecraft Java Edition Minecraft: the ancient city

After that, you may use the /[email protected] cheat in the chat box to teleport to the Ancient City locations that it offers. You’ll be teleported over there in a flash, and you’ll be free to explore.

Mobs of the Ancient City

When exploring Ancient Cities, be cautious since triggering Sculk Shriekers or Sculk Sensors four times will call a Warden. It’s also not necessary to be the same Shrieker or Sensor.

Because this is a cumulative total for each player, a Warden will be summoned if four distinct Sculk Shriekers are called.

These creepy-looking creatures in Minecraft can deliver the most significant combat and ranged damage of any non-explosive enemy.

Warden is a Minecraft mob.

It possesses 250 health points, turning it into an all-powerful killing machine. We suggest escaping as soon as one of them appears since if you attempt to battle it, a Warden will win nine times out of 10.

All of the items found in the Ancient City Chests

In Minecraft 1.19, any of the following objects may be found in an Ancient City chest. It’s worth mentioning that each compartment has between 5 and 10 item stacks.

However, the chances of receiving Coal and Books are significantly more significant than the chances of getting Enchanted Golden Apples and Diamond Horse Armor.

  • Shard of Amethyst
  • Bone
  • Book
  • Enchanting Bottle (Bottle of Enchantment)
  • Candle
  • Coal
  • Compass
  • Enchanted Diamond Hoe Has Damage
  • Armor made of diamonds for horses
  • Fragment of a disc
  • Shard of Echoes
  • Book of Enchantment
  • Book of Enchantment
  • Leggings with Enchanted Diamonds
  • Golden Apple Enchanted
  • Leggings made of enchanted iron
  • Berries that Glow
  • Lead
  • 13th Disc of Music
  • Music Disc Cat is a fictional character.
  • The Other Side of the Music Disc
  • Tag with your name
  • Regeneration Potion
  • Saddle
  • Sculk
  • Catalyst for Sculk
  • Sensor Sculk
  • Torch of the Soul

That’s all there is to know about finding an Ancient City in Minecraft. Check out the links below to see more of our Minecraft coverage.