How To Find and Use This Infinite Tear in Elden Ring?

Find and Use This Infinite Tear in Elden Ring: Elden Ring has many good Tears that will help you play, and The Infinite FP Tear is one to get. The name implies that upon you use it, your FP becomes infinite. This isn’t a cheat since the game’s players offer this benefit. 

Since the effects are strong, they only last for a few minutes. However, this short period could also prove decisive in a fight with a boss.

 So we will look at how to obtain an Infinite FP or Cerulean Hidden Tear in the Elden Ring and how to utilize it.

How to Get Infinite FPS Tear in the Elden Ring

The Cerulean Hidden Tear, also known as the Infinite FP tear after getting rid of this Ulcerated Tree Spitirt on Mt. Gelmir. Once you have the Tear in drop, head to any grace-filled site, then add it to your Wondrous Physick flask. Here are the steps to how to get it.

  1. Speedy travel up to The Road of Iniquity. If you don’t have the grace website unlocked, follow the following steps.
    1. Take a trip toward your right to the Altus Plateau and keep going towards the north. If you go a bit towards the west, you will eventually arrive at the Erdtree-Gazing hill site, a place of grace.
    2. Continue to the northwest until you arrive at Wyndham Catacombs and Gelmir Hero’s Grave Sites of Grace.
    3. Next, take a northerly direction and turn to the west toward the bridge. Once you cross the bridge, go south and activate your Seethewater Cave site of grace. This is an optional step.
    4. Once you have crossed the bridge, head north and take for the Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite, a site of grace.
    5. Then, head southwest until you reach The Road of Iniquity site of grace.
  1. Take a turn to the east of on the Road of Iniquitydiscover an Ulcerated Tree Spirit.
  2. Take it down as well, and it will eliminate. Cerulean Hidden Tear.

How to Make Use of Cerulean Hidden Tear

  1. Relax at any site in grace and select the Mix Wondorous Physick.
  2. You can add the flask to the Cerulean Secret Teatro and add Tear from your preference.
  3. If you use the Wondrous Flask that has Cerulean Hidden Tear, The FP will be inactive for a brief period.

This is the conclusion of this guide on obtaining an Infinite FP Tear or the Cerulean Hidden Tear in Elden Ring and how to utilize it. If you enjoy playing this game, look at our other guides for Elden Ring.


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