Find Bulldog Shotgun CQS48 in Halo Infinite

Bulldog Shotgun CQS48 in Halo Infinite: Bulldog Shotgun, also known as CQS48, is a close-range and kinetic shotgun used in the Halo Infinite campaign.

 With an ammo capacity at 7, Bulldog Shotgun is one of the fastest and most deadly Halo guns.

 It’s a shotgun equipped with strong recoil best for use during close-range. 

CQS48 can destroy your enemies in one shot, even with shields down. 

It’s not uncommon or unusual to come across a Bulldog shotgun, but it only appears on specific spawn locations, such as corridors, gun lockers, or even small areas.

 This makes it challenging to find the gun. Here’s our guide to every location where you can discover Bulldog Shotgun in Halo Infinite campaign.

Bulldog Shotgun or CQS48 can be seen on these maps from the Campaign:

  • Bazaar
  • Launch Site
  • Streets
  • Live Fire
  • Fragmentation
  • High Power
  • It means that the shotgun will appear on 6 of the ten maps that comprise the Halo Infinite campaign. 

The most important thing to remember is to search for it within every single one of the tiny spaces in the maps.

 The problem is that it could appear in any small area such as the base, lockers for guns, and corridors on the maps listed.

 It might not be on the same map once you’ve obtained it, but you can verify where the last time you saw it is.

  • Keep in mind that these places are only possible places to find these guns, but it’s not always sure that you will find them in these places.
  • It’s that all there is to know about where you can locate this Bulldog shotgun, CQS48, within Halo Infinite.

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