find Riyaku in Project Slayers

Find Riyaku in Project Slayers: A Roblox game called Project Slayers is based on the anime Demon Slayer. LMB and RMB for melee strikes, or “F” for stopping incoming assaults, are examples of simple to understand controls.

In contrast, the game fails to explain how to pick up Riyaku to finish a task when the player approaches her in an early quest. Come learn how to get Riyaku in Project Slayers with us.

How Can Project Slayers Players Acquire Riyaku?

You will task with fighting Zuko’s lieutenants while pulling Somi’s younger sister Riyaku in one of the game’s early assignments. Unfortunately, although you’ve previously shown that you can defeat the subordinates, the game doesn’t explain how to complete the second goal, which involves transporting Riyaku.

The “carry” function, which has a unique keybind, is used to pick up Riku. The keybind menu should be checked if the default button for the “carry” function, “H,” is inoperative.

The Project Slayers settings menu, not the regular Roblox settings screen, contains the keybind menu for the game. Hit “M” to go to this menu.

The game’s settings may then access by clicking the gear icon. In addition, the keybinds for each of Project Slayers’ features may find here.

Codes for Project Slayers (July 2022)

Press the new key you want to use to replace the existing keybinding after choosing “edit” to alter a default keybind.

You will be able to carry anything thanks to the “carry” ability, which also appears in other plot objectives.