Finish Destiny 2's At the Behest of the Empress

Finish Destiny 2’s At the Behest of the Empress: There is still plenty of time for gamers to fulfill the seasonal Triumphs for Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted since it doesn’t conclude until August 23. One, notably “At the Behest of the Empress,” is on the Derelict Leviathan.

One of the four Triumphs required to fulfill “A Guardian is a Guardian, Even in a Nightmare” is this one.

How to Finish Destiny 2’s At the Behest of the Empress

Au’gor, Devoted of Calus, and Jai’ek, Supplicant of Calusa Cabal Colossus and a Scorn Knight, respectively, are two elite-tier Nightmares that must defeat to finish At the Behest of the Empress in Destiny 2. You won’t miss either since they are a part of the same open gathering.

The event will begin with:

Either via the oval entrance at the Pleasure Gardens or exiting the Castellum.

Turn on the beacon of the Chosen.

Only when the phrase “Empress Caitatl Offers help against an approachable threat” displays in the bottom-left corner of your HUD may you engage with the beacon.

Until Au’gor and Jai’ek come, shoot any Cabal and Scorn adversaries.

After multiple waves have been beaten, neither will spawn.

Author and Jai’ek are relatively simple to beat despite being elites, although it wouldn’t hurt to bring some pals along who also need to finish Destiny 2‘s At the Behest of the Empress. Additionally, remember that since it is a public event, it could not begin when you arrive.

To advance toward obtaining the Reaper title while you wait, accomplish other Triumphs. Alternatively, return later after completing the objectives for the Solstice event because it finishes in August.