A massive fire broke out at Maheshtala Chemical Factory in West Bengal: 5 Dead

A massive fire broke out at Maheshtala Chemical Factory in West Bengal. 

A destructive fire in Kolkata today near Maheshtala Chemical Factory. A terrible fire in the city again. Five hours later, the fire was still under control. The whole factory is burning. Six engines of the fire brigade are trying to extinguish the fire during the war. Five workers have died in the incident.

Fire in Kolkata Today

As per the report, the factory was manufacturing coconut oil in Kolkata. The factory is in the Maheshtala post office area in West Bengal. It is not easy to control fire due to the presence of many combustible substances. The sound of one explosion after another came from the factory at 11:30 in the afternoon.

Therefore, the whole factory burst into flames. It covered the entire area with intense black smoke. At that time, several workers were working in the factory. The workers fell ill in the smoke due to the fire.

Later, firefighters rescued them from the factory and sent them to the hospital. However, it is unclear whether anyone else is still trapped in the factory.

However, the fire Minister Sujit Basu reached the spot after receiving the news. He instructed the use of robots to put out the fire. The fire brigade is using foam to extinguish the fire as it has combustible material. 

Presumably, the chemical drum inside the factory caught fire due to an explosion for some reason. There is a possibility that an electrical short circuit caused the fire. 

However, it is possible to say the exact cause only after the fire turns off and a police investigation. 


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