Fishing Locations in Stardew Valley

Fishing Locations in Stardew Valley: Fish of all kinds may catch in the oceans, lakes, ponds, and rivers of Stardew Valley.

One such fish is the Perch, which you can catch and use to sew the fishing vest at the sewing machine, in addition to being a handy source of money (G) to help you pay for your different agricultural improvements. You may catch Perch in Stardew Valley at these locations.

Locations of Stardew Valley Perch

Only during the winter are the following areas where Perch may catch:

  • Pond in Cindersap Forest
  • Alpine Lake
  • River

On the map below, these places highlight.

Locations of the Stardew Valley Perch show on the map.

ConcernedApe through Twinfinite provided the photo.

During the winter, you may even find one in garbage cans if you need one right away.

On Fridays and Sundays, Perch may also be bought from the Traveling Cart in Cindersap Forest, which is south of the farm. It may also happen randomly on any given day during the Night Market (Winter 15–Winter 17).

There is no assurance that Perch will be in stock when you visit the Traveling Cart since the inventory fluctuates daily.

You’re better off attempting to catch one than purchasing Perch from the Traveling Cart, which sells them for prices ranging from 165 to 1,000 G.

How much may Perch be sold for?

A perch may purchase for 55g at the lowest quality level and 110g at the purple star level.

The sale prices will rise from 68g for its lowest grade to 137g for its purple star quality if you have the “Fisher” talent.

Finally, costs will rise even more if you have the “Angler” talent, from 82g for the lowest level to 165g for purple star quality.

You now have the information you want on Perch fishing in Stardew Valley. If you’re searching for further Stardew Valley fishing advice, you can check out our coverage on where to catch catfish and sandfish below or click one of the links above.