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how to fix DirectX 11 Crash Error in FF14 (FFXIV)

DirectX 11 Crash Error in FF14 (FFXIV): FFXIV has launched The Endwalker expansion. However, while the increase may be available, it has many bugs. However, we’ve already discovered how to solve errors like 2002 and error code 3001

However, there’s a more complicated problem than the other two. It could be DirectX 11 Crash Error. This can be pretty irritating compared to the other two errors since this one does not have an apparent rhyme or explanation.

 People have encountered this issue in unexpected ways, and they may be playing multiple tasks, but the game runs well. However, in other instances, when they have the game playing and there is nothing else going on, the game crashes. This article will look at the steps to solve this DirectX 11 Crash error in the FF14.

Before we go into the solutions, it is essential to be aware that there isn’t any definitive solution. Although that could be the case, you can solve the issue using these methods.

 There isn’t a definitive solution to this problem; you’ll need to test these fixes until you find one works. Also, check out the Reddit forum to read the whole discussion. However, I’ve jotted down the spots with a reasonable probability of success. So, without further delay, let’s examine the solutions.

  • Remove local profile data: Delete your local profile information to see whether it solves the problem. Thank you to user PM_ME_YOUR_IZANAGI for the fix.
  • Reduce the speed of your CPU: This might sound like a strange solution, but if your GPU has been overclocked, it may cause problems with the game. Nvidia users can test the debug mode to solve this problem. Visit the Nvidia Control panel and click on the Help tab. From then, click on Debug mode to activate it. This solution worked for the user of Kirbfucius, who is on Reddit.
  • Download the game and install it: While this fix is believed to work, it’s long and tiring to wait for in the event of poor internet. If the game doesn’t work in any way, you may consider reinstalling the game. Shave Starbornsoul discovered this fix to work for them.
  • Upgrade your graphics drivers Making sure your drivers for graphics are up-to-date will help you solve this problem. Be sure to update your drivers; you must restart your computer to ensure effective updates. Play the game once you have your drivers up to the latest version.
  • Start the game again: Keeping the most fundamental fix in mind for the previous step, use Alt + F4, then select to reboot the computer. When it is restarted, you can play the game once more.

If the above methods don’t work, you’ll need to wait until the developer releases an update that fixes the problem.


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