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How To Get Fly In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pear

Fly In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pear: Within Pokemon, the games, such as Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, every Pokemon gets to master various types of moves.

 They learn them by changing or even being taught by the TM’s. However, there are specific types of Moves that are crucial to each of the Pokemon games, including Pokemon BDSP. 

They are called “HM” Moves. These Moves let players perform specific tasks which enable them to advance through the game. 

One of these moves could be called the Fly H/T Move available in Pokemon BDSP.

 This article will explain how to Fly In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pear.

How to Get Fly-in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl [BDSP]

Fly allows players to travel to any city he/they previously visited quickly. It’s an easy option for travel. However, it’s not able to transfer to unknown locations.

 To obtain TM Fly to use in Pokemon BDSP, you’ll need to beat 3rd Gym Head, Maylene, in Veilstone City and earn the Gym Badge. 

When you leave the Gym, Dawn/Lucas will come to you. They will request that you help them win the doubles fight against two Galactic Grunts.

The battle will occur in The North in Veilstone City. You will find Dawn/Lucas waiting right in front of The Galactic Grunts. 

Join them in the doubles battle, and beat them both. After you defeat the two, one will enter the building.

 This building is known as The Galactic Warehouse. Enter it, and there is a Pokeball on the floor. Take it because that Pokeball has the FlyTM.

How to Use Fly

After you have learned the technique, you can teach it to the Pokemon, and you can go back to earlier places.

 Once you’ve taught the Pokemon to fly using the TM Fly, open the map to hover over the city you’ve visited previously.

 You will be presented with the option to fly. Choose it, and you’ll fly to the location you selected.

You can get where you get the HM Fly is the exact location you can get another of Dark Stones

This is all about acquiring the Fly move within Pokemon BDSP. I hope that this guide has been helpful to you.

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