Get 120 FPS On Xbox Series

Get 120 FPS On Xbox Series: You’ve just purchased an Xbox Series X/S that’s brand new, and you’re now thinking about what you can do to achieve 120 FPSto enjoy the maximum enjoyment of gaming?

 There are many games available on Xbox that can support 120 FPS gaming. 

To begin using these games, there are a couple of settings that you must alter.

How do I set up Xbox Series X|S to run 120 FPS gaming?

If your TV has the HDMI 2.1 port, it is possible to connect to your Xbox Series X|S to play games at 4K with 120 FPS.

 However, it’s not as fast – first, you must make sure that the 120 Hz is turn on. Here’s how to do it. 

For most games with FPS increase or automatic HDR, This feature will automatically be enabled.

 But if there’s an application that requires you to enable it manually. Continue studying to learn everything you have to do.

  • Update your console If there’s an update pending.
    • Click on the Xbox button of your console.
    • Choose Profile and System > Settings > Updates > System.
    • Apply any pending updates.

If you’re planning to purchase a brand new TV to be used for this purpose, ensure you are buying one that supports 60 Hz or 120Hz

If you already have one, check the manual to determine if it is compatible with the 120Hz refresh rate.

How to Change Xbox Series X|S Display Settings & Enable 120 Hz?

  • Click your Xbox button on your controller.
  • Select the profile and system option Settings > General TV and Display options.
  • Select the refresh rate greater than 120Hz.

How can I enable FPS Boost in the game?

  • On your Xbox, go into My Games and Apps > Choose the Game > Menu Manage the game and add-ons Options for compatibility.
  • Select FPS increase.

Keep in mind you need to remember that it is essential to remember that you require an HDMI-capable TV that can support 120 Hz for games that have had enhanced to 120 FPS.

 Plus, the display settings on your Xbox must be at 120 Hz. If both conditions does not met, it will display the FPS boost in gray.

Important note for Xbox that Native HDR games that boost up to 120 FPS must be HDR disabled if the resolution in your video settings is set to lower than 4K.

Now that you have that, here’s a listing of the Xbox Series X|S 120 FPS games that you can play following this.