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How to Get a Titan in Anime Fighting Simulator

Get a Titan in Anime Fighting Simulator: Update 20 of Anime Fighting Simulator has brought a flood of new gamers to Roblox. 

Roblox Experience. Players who are new and who have played the game before are trying to figure out how to obtain Titan Form, which introduce in Update 17.

 Titan Form was first to introduce in Update 17. But don’t fret because we’re here with a helpful guide on obtaining the Titan within Anime Fighting Simulator.

How to Get a Titan in Anime Fighting Simulator:

The Titan Form can be unlocked after this 26th quest set through the NPC The Boom

The game’s character is Armour Colossus and can locate in the Durability Powers.

 To complete the quest, you have to train 500B Strength500B Durability, and the 500B Chakra.

 Besides the Titan Form as well, you’ll receive 100k Yen.

Naturally, this task will take time to finish. To aid you, we’ve gathered all of the training areas located in Dimension 1 that will help to complete the quest faster. 

These are the places where you can train your statistics to be able to finish this task:

The Chakra at the Tower of Heaven

We suggest starting with Chakra first, as it’s a stat use in the real world.

 It will earn Yen as you work on your Chakra and then use the Yen to boost the strength multiplier before training it. 

It is recommended to practice in the Tower of Heaven, located in the northwest part of this map.

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Durability at the Chamber of Time

It is possible to put specific stats into Durability to increase your training speed; however, in certain regions, it is possible to train this stat sporadically, and it’s recommended to save money to purchase the strength state multiplier.

 It is recommended to train in the Chamber of Time, located in the air towards the easternmost point on the map.

Strength at the Monster

After you’ve worked up to increase your Chakra and Durability, invest your Yen on a Strength multiplier, and then start building to improve it. 

You’ll want to locate The Monster, located on an unassuming dock west of the island. It is across the bridge from the beginning area.

Helpful Tips

You can increase your Yen to buy stat multipliers with Anime Combat Simulator coupons. 

Codes can also use to earn Shards which could buy champions. In addition, winners may give you a little auto-training boost.

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