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How to get An Axe Animal Crossing in New Horizons

Get An Axe Animal Crossing in New Horizons: Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can eventually access tools such as fishing rods, shovels, bug nets, and axes that will assist in the collection of crafting supplies and the various animals on the island. 

But, there are a few steps before players acquire these items in-game.

This guide will show the steps to follow so that Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can obtain an ax to begin cutting down trees to make wood.

How to get an Axe to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons

After creating a brand new save file and selecting an area to live in at some point, players will eventually be in a position to access the Resident Services tent in the middle of the island near the plaza in town. 

It will be a tiny green tent the first time and will later become a fully-fledged structure as the game develops.

 Tom Nook will be inside close to the crafting table. If players talk to him, a menu will be displayed that reads, “I have found a creature.” 

If players have captured at least two kinds of animals, they may donate the creature to an owner named Tom Nook, and he will then give it to his companion, Blathers.

After two different creatures were provided for Tom Nook, he will give the participant several DIY recipes that call for wood, such as one that requires an ax. 

Two creatures can’t be duplicated. Participants can contribute two varieties of fish, or even a bug and fish, or two bugs. 

It isn’t essential what kind they are, so long they’re distinct.

Then, after you have the formula, the players can make the ax on the crafting table if they have five branches from a tree and one rock. 

Players must walk across the entire island to create tree branches and then shake a few trees using the button.

 Players must find stones on the island and smash them with the help of a shovel or an Ax to break up stones.

How to Earn Gold Axe

To obtain the golden ax from Animal Crossing: New Horizons players need to break a total of 100 axes.

 Then, that recipe will become accessible. Then, they will have to locate the Golden Nugget and combine it with a standard ax on the crafting table.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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