Get and utilize Pleasant Valley Claim Tickets in Fallout 76

Get and utilize Pleasant Valley Claim Tickets in Fallout 76: The Pleasant Valley Claim Ticket rewards in Fallout 76 weren’t available to you until the Wastelanders DLC was released, despite being in the game for a while.

The Pleasant Valley Claim Tickets were one of the lesser-known new kinds of cash introduced by that DLC.

You may use these tickets to earn some great prizes if you know where to find them and how to collect them.

Get and utilize Pleasant Valley Claim Tickets in Fallout 76

Killing Feral Ghouls is the straightforward method of getting these tickets. As you traveled across Appalachia, you likely encountered several of these monsters racing across the landscape.

Feral Ghouls may see in Flatwoods, Whitespring Resort, and Fort Defiance.

When slain, Feral Ghouls have a 2% chance of leaving behind a Pleasant Valley Claim Ticket. Unfortunately, it is the only method to get this money.

How to use Pleasant Valley Claim Tickets

In case you didn’t guess, Pleasant Valley Ski Resort is where you may use these tickets. This is located in the middle of the Savage Divide region, near the Top of the World.

When you arrive at the ski resort, enter and go to the basement. Be wary of the roaming Scorched. The Bellhop Protectron is the NPC you are searching for.

They’re in the basement, on the opposite side of the laser grid. You must finish the Key to the Past task before you may get to them.

Most of the benefits you get for handing a ticket to the bellhop will be worthless. However, this is helpful if you prefer to utilize the game’s crafting system.

As a reward, you may get a variety of outfits and accessories. In addition, you could be fortunate enough to get one of the exotic weapons. These include the Fancy Pump Action Shotgun and the Fancy Single Action Revolver.