How to Get Every Buddy Souvenir What They Do and Where to Find Them in Pokemon GO?

Get Every Buddy Souvenir : Do you want to learn more about the Pokemon Go companion souvenir lists, including where you get them and what they do? So told, Buddies are mainly use to obtain candy for legendary or highly uncommon monsters.

However, your closest Poke-partner now has additional beneficial features thanks to the buddy mechanic’s update. Here is all the information you want on this.

Get Every Buddy Souvenir

Let’s start by outlining the fundamentals of where to obtain souvenirs for your Pokemon friend. First, you must get one of your mons to the Ultra Buddy level to unlock the ability to discover souvenirs. This is accomplished by having a single creature gain 150 hearts.

Pokemon GO: How to Get Buddy Souvenirs

It will take some time, but if you walk sufficiently, feed it till it’s full three times a day, and pet it once a day, you should be able to collect seven hearts without any difficulty.

Once it reaches the Ultra Buddy level, all you have to do is keep the Pokemon with you on the map by feeding it, and every so often, it will discover trinkets.

List of Pokemon GO Buddy souvenirs

Your Pokemon GO Ultra, Buddy level creature, may collect trinkets and return them to you as long as it is on the game’s map. The whole list of the 15 goods your friend may get is as follows:

  • Fruits in bloom
  • Caribbean Shell
  • Hawaiian Flower
  • Moving Stone
  • Unique Earring
  • Obstacle Fruit
  • ripped ticket
  • Marble
  • Little Bouquet
  • White Pinecone
  • Coastal Glass
  • Stone Chalky
  • Lovely Leaf
  • slender spring
  • Mushroom

What Do Buddy Souvineers Do in Pokemon Go, and What Are They Used For?

It’s time to discover the purpose of all this effort. According to Niantic, these souvenirs are simply recollections of your buddy-related activities.They are viewable on the friend page, but they stand still.

Essentially, it serves as a simple indicator of how long the Pokemon has selected as your friend. The souvenirs are fortunately restricted to the friend screen, meaning they won’t take up any room in your inventory.

This concludes our discussion about buddy mementos in Pokemon GO. Check our Pokemon GO Guide Wiki if you want to learn more about anything related to the game.