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How To Get It & Location Information in Bronze in Rune Factory 5?

Get It & Location Information in Bronze in Rune Factory 5: Bronze is an ore resource that is used in games. Gold & Silver is a metal employed in forging and crafting. You’ll need a significant quantity of it if you want to survive in Aigburth. The following guide will explain how to get the Bronze you need from Rune Factory 5 & what you can use it for.

Get It & Location Information in Bronze in Rune Factory 5

As I mentioned earlier, Bronze is an ore-based item. Like Silver & Gold, you can find Bronze within Rune Factory 5 by mining. Inside the Mining Caves, you’ll need to locate “reddish rocks,” which you can interact with.

 Miner them, and you will be able to obtain Bronze. Keep in mind that you’ll also receive iron ore or other similar ores in addition to bronze. The most critical areas to look to mine for bronze include:

  • the First Floor of Atohl’s End
  • 2nd Floor within Kelve Lava Cave
  • First Floor in Cloudheim
  • 2nd Floor of Bandit King’s Old Base
  • First Floor in Bandit King’s Old Base
  • The First Floor of the Kelve Lava Cave. Kelve Lava Cave is

Explore these mining areas, and you’ll be able to obtain bronze ores for different recipes. It is utilized in recipes to make weapons. The weapons made of bronze include the Cutlass, Steel Edge, Zweihaender, Great Sword, Lance+, Needle Spear, Battle Scythe, and Pole Axe

Other bronze recipes include Rune Factory 5, shields such as Round Shield & Turtle Shield. The recipe for making mail additionally requires this.

 Additional accessories, such as the bronze bracelet, need this metal. Agriculture Items such as the robust Hoe, tin waterpot, iron sickle, chopping ax, bronze hammer, and beginner’s pole can also use Bronze as a constituent in their recipes.

This guide focused on finding an item called the Bronze resource item available in Rune Factory 5. I hope that this guide gave you some guidance. We can also go through our other guides, such as How To Find Fodder within Rune Factory 5.



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