Get Melee Master Medal in COD Mobile

Get Melee Master Medal in COD Mobile: There are many challenges and events available in CODM for players to take on. 

Once you’ve completed these tasks, you receive an award for the achievement. For example, a challenge launched was a contest called Razor-Sharp for season 4. 

In the challenge, players needed to get the Melee Master Medal to progress in their quest to unlock Sickle weapons.

 Here’s our guide to earning this Melee Master Medal in COD Mobile.

COD Mobile How to Get Melee Master Medal?

  • Because it’s a Master Medal related to melee and acrobatics, you must complete four kills using any melee weapon during an event.
  • The trick is that you must complete the task in the Battle Royale mode.
  • Even though completing this mission on Battle Royale mode seems a little complicated, we recommend that you try in the Battle Royale mode alone.
  • To play Solo in BR mode, you’ll have to select Classic mode and choose Solo.
  • Solo mode has a variety of bots from Battle Royale.
  • This can increase the chances of getting killed with melee weapons.
  • It is possible to use an ax and kill your adversaries for significant damage.
  • You could also use a Katana to slash through your adversaries for short-range battles.
  • You will be awarded the medal on the COD mobile when you’ve completed the challenge.

Alongside the medal, Along with the trophy, you will also be awarded a Punk Skull spray as a reward. 

The medal you earn will be beneficial to you shortly. However, most challenges require players to get the award through COD Mobile.

 Additionally, having a Melee Master medal may help you speed up your progress through various challenges or tasks within COD Mobile.

This is all there is to know about obtaining Melee Master Medal.

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