get Monster Hunter Rise in Sunbreak access

Get Monster Hunter Rise in Sunbreak access: If you’re just getting started with Monster Hunter Rise when the expansion launches, don’t expect to able to play the new Sunbreak content right away. The same holds if you didn’t pass Hunter Rank (HR) 7 and the second set of credits in the basic game’s primary campaign.

You must finish the Serpent Goddess of Thunder quest and eliminate Thunder Serpent Narwa for the first time to begin the Sunbreak adventure.

The missions that reveal Sunbreak

Up until it becomes accessible, you can only access the quest by doing Gathering Hub urgent quests.

When you finish Serpent Goddess of Thunder, you will reach HR 7. And Elder Fugen will have a new request for you when you return to Kamura: your first formal Master Rank mission.

The request is to find a new, unwelcome creature that has moved inside the Shrine Ruins. Hunt a giant crab creature known as a Daimyo Hermitaur, which utilizes monster heads as a second shell.

get Monster Hunter Rise in Sunbreak access

You’ll meet Dame Fiorayne and her sister Rondine in the cinematic that plays once that hunt is over. And they’ll ask for your presence in the realm.

If the Daimyo Hermitaur caused you grief. You don’t have to instantly join Fiorayne if you don’t feel up to it. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to go back to Kamura for a short time after agreeing to go with Fiorayne during the Sunbreak instructional session.

Many of the MR1 monsters are surprisingly tough, even with the most excellent High-Rank armor. And if you hurried to the Serpent Goddess of Thunder quest, you aren’t well-equip to tackle them.

Expect to find base game content to trivialize once you finally dive into Sunbreak and begin donning Master Rank gear. This is particularly useful if you need High-Rank resources for gems, such as Physique, Weakness Exploit, or Master’s Touch. Since the monsters containing such materials won’t pose a danger.

As you advance the Sunbreak plot, additional craftable Decorations that need Master Rank materials will become available to you, but not right once.