Get more characters in MultiVersus

Get more characters in MultiVersus: Despite having a Super Smash Bros. clone-like appearance, the gameplay in MultiVersus is quite different.

This Warner Bros. brawler is a free-to-play game. So you may play it without spending any money, but not all of its features. Such as the character roster, are accessible right once. So here’s how to open up more MultiVersus characters.

How to obtain additional MultiVersus playable combatants

The only characters instantly accessible when you launch MultiVersus are Shaggy, Jake, Taz, and Harley Quinn; Wonder Woman becomes available once you finish the game’s introductory lesson.

You will need to spend 2,000 Gold or 700 Gleamium to acquire all the remaining characters.

Using gold, you may access new combatants in MultiVersus.

Players may get gold as a payment by just participating in the game. In addition, you may unlock every character in the game without having to take out your cash by finishing online matches, leveling up the battle pass. Your character’s profile, individual fighters, and objectives.

Use Gleamium to open up new combatants in MultiVersus.

You may also unlock more fighters by buying Gleamium if you don’t mind using real money to pay for the game. However, the only method to receive this in-game money is by purchasing it in a bundle or one of its amount increments. As it cannot acquire via in-game ways.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a 700 Gleamium choice. So to unlock only one character using this approach, you’ll need to spend at least $10 on the 1,000 Gleamium option.

This is not an awful method for MultiVersus to manage unlocking more characters in a free-to-play game. Even if some players will have to spend real money to access their favorites, everyone being able to access them by just playing the game is vastly preferable to having them hidden behind Gleamium.