Get Name Tags in Minecraft

Get Name Tags in Minecraft: This article will help you decipher some of Minecraft‘s most ambiguous objects. There is a thing that allows you to give critters names much as you would a pet. Here’s how to get name tags in Minecraft.

Finding Name Tags in Minecraft

We’re sorry that Name Tags cannot be created using a recipe or discovered naturally without some RNG. Fortunately, there are a few various methods to get them.


Name Tags are among the valuable spoils that may obtain by fishing. Although this is undoubtedly a battle against the RNG, you may keep going as long as you have a rod. There is a 5% probability of every cast while fishing for Treasure.

Looting from the chest

If you’re an adventurer, this one is probably the most profitable overall. However, Name Tags may sometimes find in plundered chests.

According to the area where the chest was discovered, these statistics from the wiki indicate the likelihood of finding a Name Tag:

  • Dungeon: 28.3%
  • Mineshaft: 42.3%
  • Ancient City: 16.1%
  • Buried Treasure – 34.3 percent
  • Woodland Mansion: 29.7%

Purchasing From Villagers

Given the variety of goods the villagers may offer you, this is perhaps your lowest chance. It is still a method for obtaining a Name Tag, however.

That should be all there is to know about how to get Name Tags in Minecraft. You could even give a polar bear a name with them.