How to Get Oleg’s Spirit Summon in Elden Ring?

Get Oleg’s Spirit Summon in Elden Ring: Battles between enemies and bosses are pretty tough battles in Elden Ring. Certain fights can go out of control and become difficult to win. Fortunately, you can bring an accomplice for most of these Fights, but they’re not always reliable. 

Therefore, the most effective method to fight opponents is to use spirit summons. Spirit Summon allows the player to summon a spirit from a group of Spirits (depending on the Spirit Summon) to assist players in Battle. One of the Spirit Summon is Banished, Knight Oleg

This article will demonstrate how to activate an Elden Ring Banished Knight Oleg spirit summons within the Elden Ring.

Get Oleg’s Spirit Summon in Elden Ring

How to get the extinguished Knight the Oleg Spirit summoned within the Elden Ring.

Finding the whereabouts that holds finding the Location of the Oleg Spirit Summon is pretty simple. You can locate it in the Fringefolk Hero’s GraveSouth Limgrave. It’s located a bit South of the First Step in the Site of Grace

At it, go to the Site of Grace, enter the building to the left and take the stairs. Then, at the bottom, there is the mist Wall. You’ll need the Stonesword Key to unlock it. When you unlock it, go down the ladder and follow the route.

 Be cautious as you’ll be thrown into the area of poison, surrounded by enemies, and need to stay clear of the Chariots that patrol the area. Utilize the gaps in the walls to avoid your Chariots.

Continue down the path until you reach the bottom. At the bottom will be a gold Fog Wall indicating a Battle. Get yourself ready and go to the Boss’s room. The Boss in this room will be The Ulcerated Tree Spirit. Takedown the Boss, and it will drop Oleg Spirit of the Banished Knight Summon and a golden Seed in the Elden Ring.

This guide was about obtaining the Oleg Spirit Banished Knight Summon inside the Elden Ring. We hope this guide has been helpful to you. Also, you can check out our article on how to get the Jar Cannon in Elden Ring.