Get Sweeping Edge Enchantment in Minecraft

Get Sweeping Edge Enchantment in Minecraft : Sweeping Edge is one of several enchantments available in Minecraft, and it’s convenient while fighting groups of opponents. This article will show you how to gain Sweeping Edge, what it does, and how to utilize it in Minecraft.

In Minecraft, how can you get Sweeping Edge?

Minecraft’s Sweeping Edge

Sweeping Edge may obtain as easily as any other enchantment if you have access to an Enchanting Table or Anvil. You may also explore the world to discover the book that holds the magic.

You may also use the enchant commands if you like. All three tiers of Sweeping Edge’s orders are given here.

  • /enchant @sweeping 1 Sweeping Edge I
  • /enchant @sweeping 2 Sweeping Edge II
  • /enchant @sweeping 3 Sweeping Edge III

It’s important to note that the Sweeping Edge enchantment is only accessible in Minecraft’s Java version. It is not available in the game’s Windows 10 Edition, Bedrock Edition, or Education Edition.

In Minecraft, what does Sweeping Edge do?

Sweeping Edge is a sword enchantment that enhances the amount of damage you deal with enemies when you sweep. 

The percentage increase is determined by the enchantment level applied to the weapon.

At the appropriate levels, it increases sweep attack damage as follows:

  • 50 percent at level one
  • 67 percent at Level 2
  • 75 percent at Level 3

Is Sweeping Edge in Minecraft a Good Enchantment?

Sweeping Edge is only helpful if you stand motionless and defend against opponents. Because sweep attacks in Minecraft require you to stay still, you won’t gain any advantage from Sweeping Edge if you move around a lot when battling Creepers, Skeletons, and Zombies.

Sweeping Edge: How to Use It

All you have to do to employ Sweeping Edge is conduct a Sweep Attack. This may be accomplished by standing stationary or moving at a walking pace. 

You may launch a Sweep Attack that knocks foes back and hurts them as long as your attack recharge is above 84.8 percent.

As long as you’re wielding the weapon with the enchantment. The extra damage delivered by Sweeping Edge to Sweep Attacks will apply automatically. 

It’s important to remember that it only adds additional damage to Sweep Attacks and not to any other attacks.

That’s all you need to know about Sweeping Edge in Minecraft, including how to earn it and what it does. More Minecraft enchanting instructions may find below.