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How to get verified on Discord

Get verified on Discord: It is just as important to get verified on Discord as other social media platforms. 

You can also show the world that you are famous and well-known by verifying yourself on Discord.

 However, getting verified on Discord is not as simple as it may be for other sites.

 There are specific requirements. Let’s take a look at the Discord guide to verify your server.

How to Get Verified in Discord

Before we move on to the actual steps of verifying your server, please make sure you have met these requirements.

  • Either you must be a person of public interest or a representative of a brand and the owner of the Discord Server you wish to verify.
  • To help Discord verify the validity of an application, the applicant must authenticate all other social media accounts on their profile.
  • Use a proper email ID that is relevant to your brand. Discord will identify if you are in an official position by using this email id.

These are the steps you need to take to obtain Discord server verification

  1. Go to the Discord Validation Page.
  2. Click the Apply now button.
  3. Log in to Discord and complete your application.

What is Discord’s method of verifying a server?

Discord considers three crucial points when verifying servers.

  • Recognizable. Discord checks brands and individuals that have strong followings and are well-known. Conflict does not consider promotional content when reviewing. They do, however, take into account your presence via social media or the official site.
  • Originality A unique presence must be provided by the business or individual who uses it. One server can be verified for each company or brand. There are exceptions to this rule for servers specific to a particular language or region.
  • Authentic The community service should be a registered business, brand, or individual of interest.

Final note: Discord is the sole authority to verify your server.

This concludes this guide about how to get verified in Discord. 

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